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Notice The following documents are posted here on behalf of descendents of the Thomas Hasam, William Austin, and William Austin Hasam families, and all of their descendents.  These are our Great and Noble ancestors. This information is intended for use only by family members.  Any other use must be by written permission from the individual listed at the end of this page.

The documents are in pdf format and can be downloaded for reading, printing, and copying.

The documents MAY NOT open on your screen.  If so, they CAN be downloaded to your computer for you to open and print at your location.  Just "Right Click" on each document and choose "Save Target As"

Hasam Family Bible:

-  Cover

-  Title Page

-  Births

-  Deaths

-  Marriages

-  Memoranda

-  "Remembrance Page"

Ancestral Documents:  William Austin Hasam. Sr.

Obituary (William Austin Hasam Sr.)

William Austin Hasam Sr. Birth Certificate

-  WAH Birth Certificate, front

-  WAH Birth Certificate, back

-  WAH Military Documents

-  WAH Resume

-  WAH Masonic Poem

-  WAH Baptism Certificate

-  WAH US Passport

WAH Mexican Immigration Certificate 1939

-  WAH Mexican Residence ID, 1

-  WAH Mexican Residence ID, 2

Ancestral Documents:  William Henry Austin

-  William Henry Austin Biography (includes Hasam)

Ancestral Documents:  Thomas Hasam...other Hasam's

Thomas Hasam Birth Certificate 1885

Obituary (Thomas Hasam)

Thomas and Lavinia Hasam 1885 Marriage Certificate

-  Josephine Hasam Graveside Poem, 1904

Ancestral Photo's:

Wm Henry Austin Portrait

Wm Henry Austin #53 Group Photo 1895

-  Thomas Russell Hasam, 1

-  Thomas Russell Hasam, 2

-  Thomas Russell Hasam, 3

-  William Austin Hasam, 1963



William Austin Hasam Jr. (adopted, now Tolbert) is a descendent of Thomas Hasam (b.1759) and is the middle of three sons of William Austin Hasam (b.1911).  WAH Sr. also had a daughter, Lavinia, the youngest of the four.

Bill and his wife Chris became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on November 11th, 1970. Their greatest treasure in this life is the bonds they have to each other and with their 5 children and 10 grand children.

The LDS Church believes that Gods plan for us as his children is that our families be bound together in this life and the next--for time and all eternity.  The purpose of LDS Genealogy work and LDS Temples is to help us make those links to our great and noble ancestors so that there might be an unbroken chain back to our forefather Adam--all part of the Saviors work.

The following file provides the ancestry of William Austin Hasam Jr (Tolbert) in an LDS format.  It also provides a number of research "notes" for many of the ancestors (use "notes" button).  When you open it, click on "download GEDCOM file" and you will download a Pedigree file and a small application that shows you the family lines so you can move back and forth in time and see the individuals and their families (note there are three tabs at the top to view "families", "pedigree lines" or "individuals). When you have copied it to your desktop, click to open it.  It will ask you to create a new file.  This just means giving it a new name on your desktop.  Click OK to this and the next window. You should see the pedigree chart open. Just click on black arrows on the right or left, or names you want to track and you can go back and forth. Go to the tab you want above to control the kind of view.

As a young boy, William Austin Hasam Jr was legally adopted by Merrill Agustus ("Dan") Tolbert and became William Austin Tolbert.  Dan Tolbert enlisted in the US military twice in his life, first as a young man assigned to the Army Artillery, and then again at the age of 32 during WWII, where he was a S/Sgt and Waist Gunner on a B-17 heavy bomber ("Triangle L") flying out of England before, during/, and after the Normandy Invasion.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism, along with 3 Air Medals and other awards.


-  LDS Ancestral Information for William Austin Hasam Jr. (click here)

You can download the full FamilySearch Personal Ancestral File software at: http://www.ldscatalog.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10151&storeId=10151&productId=47657&langId=-1&cg1=13669&cg2=14000&cg3=&cg4=&cg5=&sortId=3&sortOr=1&retURLtext=Back%20to%20'Software%20Downloads%20-%20Free'&retURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ldscatalog.com%2Fwebapp%2Fwcs%2Fstores%2Fservlet%2FCategoryDisplay%3FcatalogId%3D10151%26amp%3BstoreId%3D10151%26amp%3BcategoryId%3D14000%26amp%3BlangId%3D-1%26amp%3Bcg1%3D13669%26amp%3Bcg2%3D%26amp%3Bcg3%3D%26amp%3Bcg4%3D%26amp%3Bcg5%3D%26pageId%3D1%26pageCt%3D15%26sortId%3D3%26sortOr%3D1

-  For the Hasam .paf file, click here.  It will allow you to open up the master file and see all the family members in the families in my direct line (Hasam, Austin, Orsmby, Ashley, Lillie, Brainard, Wise, Dobbs, Fairex, etc.). The GEDCOM file does not show all children, wives etc.  The PAF file is the most updated record and does show indirect family lines (250 individuals).

Bill can be reached at: wmtolbert@aol.com 1-303-933-9922, 10669 W. Quarto Drive, Littleton, Colorado 80127 USA